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We create systems and spaces that help feminist creatives get shit done.

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Achieve your personal, political and professional #goals without burning out (while making new BFFs along the way!)

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Tired of boring bars and not-worth it networking events? We hand-pick all the events in LA worth leaving the house for deliver them with love to your inbox every Monday - for free!

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weekly coworking sessions πŸ™‹

Can’t seem to complete your about page? Been drafting that email for days? Keep pushing that to-do list task from one week to the next? We’ve got you. (It’s virtual!)

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5 week accountability series to work on those projects you’re always putting off. get real-time, IRL feedback from a strong, ambitious and supportive community.

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I’m a freelancer who works mostly alone from home. I’m also a procrastinator. Run The World surrounded me with other inspiring badass ladies who have been putting off their own projects and kicked me in the ass to get moving. I got more done than I have in a while and these ladies are on my speed dial for post weekend follow up and support as I continue to perfect my project!
— hana, freelancer
This was my first RTW event and I am so excited by the amazing community of women Ashley has collected. I brought in three potential business names to workshop before a big rebrand and everyone had great feedback and suggestions that really opened my mind. Not to mention the wine, snacks, great company, amazing space, and new friends! Overall 6/5 stars!
— grace, blogger