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woman's brunch : gentle goal settings


january 12. $10. west hollywood.

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Join Kylie, founder of WingWoman for Sales and me (Ashley - creator of Run The World), for conversation over gentle goal setting that will last you through 2019. We'll have brunch bites and coffee in Kylie's West Hollywood home. 🏠


⚑ About the event
Goal setting for the New Year is aggressive. (Why do we always need to crush, kill, destroy our goals?)

We know there’s a better, gentler way to go about this. Whether you’re super into New Year Resolutions or have never set a goal, we got you.

So much of the time, people act like when the clock strikes midnight, you’re a new human with a blank slate and all-the-productivity in the world. We believe that by knowing yourself and leaning into what you already know about your goal setting habits, you can create a unique goal setting system and action plan that can actually work for you.

πŸ“We’ll cover:
- How to set actionable goals by focusing on how you want to feel instead, not what you want to do
- How to determine if a goal is realistic and is actually serving you
How to find an accountability system that works for you (it’s not one size fits all!)

✨You’ll walk away with:
- Your ideal goals for 2019 mapped out and steps broken down by - quarter to get there
- A simple 30 day challenge and accountability action plan that will help you
- New friends who are ready to commit to their dreams and cheer you along the way!

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