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90 minute private handbuilding lesson at POT LA!

  • POT LA 1933 Echo Park Ave Los Angeles, CA 90026 United States (map)

you’re invited to I’m Down Club’s …

90 minute private handbuilding lesson at POT LA!

  • Hands-on guidance from one of our amazing teachers 💯

  • All materials, glazing, and firing included 🔥

  • Free Wine 🍷

  • Good people 👯

Handbuilding is all pottery that is not done on the wheel.  Easier and more forgiving than the wheel, a handbuilding party allows you all to let loose a bit more while sitting together at the worktables. (No wheelthrowing!)

No experience needed. Hosted in an inclusive environment. Good music. Good vibes. New friends!


what’s i’m down club?

I’m Down Club is an event series brought to you by run the world.

With traffic, work, and the coziness of a good netflix and chill, there are a lot of (good) excuses out there to not leave the house.

My friend had this text thread with her friends in college. The rules of the thread were simple: No matter if you were deep in a textbook or just put on your yoga pants for the night, if someone sent out a text, you showed up. Whether that was a late night ice cream run or a skinny dip in the ocean, you said I’m Down. Because it’s just what you did, and it was always worth it.

It’s not as easy to say yes as it was when we had less #adulting to do, but we wanted to see what would happen if we got together a group who could harness that I’m Down Attitude. Who could, instead of defaulting to all the reasons not to go, defaulted to “Yes. I’m down. Let’s do this.”

In this big city, sometimes it’s nice to have a little nudge. Someone to tell you that the plans are figured out, all you need to do is show up. That’s why we started the I’m Down Club.

You won’t always know the people, place, or thing you’re doing, but you can guarantee you’ll be with a group of future BFFs who are down to try something new, together. You down? 🙋

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about POT LA

POT LA is owned and operated by Los Angeles natives who also happen to be women of color. They are devoted to celebrating the cultures of all the communities that make our home so great, through one of the most ancient artforms that connects so many of our cultures.

Mandy, POT’sdynamic owner, is Iranian and wanted to celebrate The City of Angels being a hub for so many large diasporas seeing as LA is the largest diaspora for Iranians in the world. With Mandy being a sculptor and avid lover of LA, POT came to fruition organically as we all increasingly felt a need for an art space in LA with our love and ethic attached to it.

POT wanted to break down the walls surrounding art spaces in LA. These spaces generally feel inaccessible to many people; namely POC and millennials. POT aims to provide a chill and fun atmosphere while working with the community to create a space where people come to laugh, release, dig their hands in, and build up a fire inside through pottery. This is ceramics for meme lovers and activists and everything in-between.

Supported by a LA-based collective of women of color, POT in Echo Park is an inclusive space for EVERYONE that prioritizes being a safe space to people of color and the LGBTQ communities. We encourage you all to sit back relax, connect, laugh, and get your hands on some pot...tery.

Later Event: January 12
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