Airtable for Neurodivergent Group Program Founders

Systems Over Stress is a 6-month program that helps you completely replace your spreadsheets and prepare your systems for your next client influx. Your Group Program Management will be completely automated with Airtable in 30 days.



No Spreadsheets. No ClickUp. Just Airtable.

Our simple three-step process helps you make the most of Airtable:


We want to centralize EVERYTHING about your program, from application to curriciulum and beyond. If we can put the data into Airtable, we will.


Improve your workflows with automations & use your team for tasks that automation can’t do.


With all of your data in one spot, you can quickly find the answers to any burning questions you have about your program. No need to export CSVs.

Streamline, Automate, and Centralize the Management of your Million Dollar Offer in Just 30 Days.

You’re tired of trying to make spreadsheets work for your neurodivergent brain. You don’t want to track your launch data in a manual document. You don’t want to have to book in “Money Dates” to track your sales. You are tired of having data in different places and you’re ready to scale.

Meet Jamie from Workflows for
Tax Pros 

Jamie anticipated a mass launch response and wanted to prepare her systems for growth. Before working with us, she didn't have a central place where she kept track of her students. Jamie set up her Group Program Hub just two weeks before her launch and had a seamless onboarding experience for her students. She opened her cart and had nothing else to do. Clients were able to select their name on the onboarding form, and their form was seamlessly attached to their unique record. Her client data is now one click away for review. 


 "My program has grown to 300 members in just nine months. Having my group program all managed in Airtable keeps me from having to bounce around and keeps me super-efficient. My Airtable Hubs not only track sales but also my customer experience and makes sure no student slips through the cracks. I can't even imagine where my life would be without Ashley's Airtable expertise and support."

- Jamie Gruol, Co-Founder 


Systems Over Stress is the only group program that is dedicated to helping you manage your group program in Airtable.

Once you join, you or your assistant will plug in three main Airtable Bases.

✨ Group Program Hub

Manage Any Group Offer in Airtable.

This Hub can work for any group program, mastermind or membership in your business. Simply duplicate it for each offer.

Your Group Program Hub will be the spot you manage your entire application and onboarding process, as well as your community engagement, curriculum needs, and more.

💸 Sales Hub

Replace “Money Dates” with Automation.

Your Sales Hub will automatically populate every sale that comes through your business and will help you manage your Lifetime Client Value Metrics, Monthly Goals with Automatic Revenue Updates and Automatic Payment Plan Projections. 

No more forecasting spreadsheets!

🚀 Launch Hub

Stop Doing Math.

Launches move fast. Your Launch Hub will handle the data so you can focus on being present for your launch.

Your Launch Hub manages your Launch Dates and Goals, Launch Content, and will automatically sync with your Monthly Sales Hub so you can see exactly your cash in versus projections without a calculator!

The Launch Hub will be live June 17. 

  Your Team Will Love Us

We created plug in templates for your team to implement this within just 30 days.

Plug & Play Zapier Templates 

Every Zap mentioned in our program has a template you can copy & paste right into your own Zapier account to customize. You’ll never be starting from scratch.

Sample Zaps include:

⚡️ When a New Post is Added to Your Community Network, Add it To Airtable & Link it To Your Student

⚡️ If a student purchases your extender pass / upsell option, update their student record with their new end date

⚡️ Automatically create events in Circle or Mighty Networks from Airtable

⚡️ When a Rebill happens in Thrivecart, update a payment plan payment from ‘Projected’ to ‘Received.’

Visual Workflows That Are Easy to Edit & Customize 

We’ve created visual workflows to go with every aspect of your group program. With these templates, truly anyone on your team and pop open the workflow, see what's happening, and make adjustments as you grow.

 Example Workflows Include:

⚙️ Application Process

⚙️ Onboarding Process

⚙️ Curriculum Outline & Accessibility Process

⚙️ Q&A Call Management

Airtable Automation Outlines 

Every base will link to each other seamlessly and your team will know exactly how so they can update your workflows with ease.

Systems Over Stress is designed to help you set up your Bases in 30 days.

You have 6 months of access.

Wanna see for yourself?

Watch this video walkthrough for a behind-the-scenes peek of the program structure and templates inside Systems Over Stress. 

Weekly Group
Q&A Call

Join our calls so our team can take over your screen and help you with those Airtable questions that pop up.

Q&A calls are Tuesdays at 10 am Pacific.

Online Community
in Circle

Leverage our community channel for any nuanced Airtable questions you need answered.


Committed to Accessibility

We are Neurodivergent friendly. Our curriculum has short videos, transcripts, captions, and speed control.


We never want you to wonder where we stand on social issues.


We unequivocally believe Black Lives Matter and we encourage all members of our community to commit to building an anti-racist business.

We believe trans rights are human rights and we respect everyone's gender identity.

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, including but not limited to: Racism, Fatphobia, Sexism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Xenophobia, etc.

We take our responsibility seriously as moderators of our digital space and strive to keep our community and calls as safe, productive & supportive as possible for everyone in our community. Inside our program, we have clear community guidelines & protocols in place if anyone breaches our guidelines. 

If you don’t agree with any of the above, don’t join Systems Over Stress.  ✌️

 Join Systems Over Stress Today! 

When you join Systems Over Stress, you get:

✅ Airtable Templates: Group Program Hub, Sales Hub & Launch Hub

✅ Visual Workflows

✅ Weekly Q&A calls

✅ Six Months Access To Community & Curriculum

✨ Pay-In-Full Bonus: 30 Minute 1:1 Call with Ashley to be used at any point during the program ($250 Value)

About Ashley (she/her).

I was diagnosed with ADHD during the pandemic, and it made a LOT of sense.

As a neurodivergent business owner, I knew the only way to be successful was to create systems that worked with my brain instead of forcing myself to fill out manual spreadsheets and do recurring admin tasks.

Airtable and automations have completely changed my life & business, and I am dedicated helping others set up systems so they can spend less time on admin and more time focused on getting their clients results.

Over the last two years, I’ve helped over 100 entrepreneurs use Airtable to organize their business. Airtable can do a lot of things, but it’s most powerful for managing your group program.

As a certified Zapier expert & a member of an Airtable consultant group, I’m constantly keep up-to-date with the newest changes and ways you can leverage Airtable and automations to manage your group program.